Mercury Theatre

The Mercury theatre in Colchester put out a tender to create the identity for a new season of events called 'Made in Colchester'. The theatre was also open for creative input on how their identity could appeal to a younger audience without alienating their current market. Working in collaboration with Joe Stone who worked on the 'Made in Colchester' side, I explored developing the theatre identity proposal. Taking inspiration from the angular lines of the building itself to form the negative space of an upper case 'M' created the basis for a contemporary new identity. Positioning of the logo in the bottom right or left side of printed material would become imperative for delivering the concept. The typography retained a solid reference to the historical context of the theatre utilising roman numerals for the year combined with a circular calendar device. The open calendar could be applied on posters and used on the bi-annual programme covers to create a strong identity that would compliment the diverse imagery used for the broad range of events. Images used in the posters and programme are used as examples only for the purpose of the proposal.

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