Colchester Film Festival 2012

I was approached with collaborator Joe Stone to create the branding, promotional material and programme for the first International Film Festival in Colchester, UK. The festival took place over 3 days in October 2012 at the state of the art Firstsite Gallery. We were briefed to create an identity that had a strong connection with the town and one devoid of cliche film iconography. We created a full identity for the festival using almost exclusively typography and colour. The logo was developed to represent a mix of the Roman heritage of the town and the technology utilised in the film industry, while also using different weighted type to create a sense of intrigue and consistency across all type used throughout the promotion of the event. We also used a cascading typographic 'filmstrip' motif which we applied to much of the printed material, as well as employing a similar effect on the layout of the programme. The identity was realised through posters, flyers, social networking graphics, web banners, t-shirts, a website and display screens in the foyer of the Firstsite Gallery. It was also applied to a spin-off event for the Festival, the 48 hour film challenge.

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