19 Minutes of History Book

To commemorate the inauguration of Barack Obama as the first African-American President of the USA, I created an archival book. A handmade A3 clamshell box contains 20 loose leaf pages documenting the inaugural speech of President Barack Obama. Each page represents one minute in time with a baseline grid split into 60 second increments, each word of the speech is positioned on the page as it was spoken in real time. The reverse side of each page features a quote from a newspaper headline from the day that is split across the back of all 20 pages for the use of being showcased in an exhibition. Interlaced between the characters are subtexts about the techniques used that form the structure of an inaugural speech. The body text of the speech is typeset in Baskerville in reference to Benjamin Franklins relationship with John Baskerville at the time the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain was drafted. The Quotes are typeset in Interstate as a reference to contemporary American culture whilst the colour represents the Democratic colour blue used in Obama's election campaign. The titles and subtexts are all set in Gill Sans as a personal reference to my own British roots as publisher of the book. This project was featured in the Computer Arts Graudate Showcase 2009. Shortlisted amongst the final 11 entrants.

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